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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Got out and enjoyed the snow for a bit. Took the dog on a little snowshoe adventure.
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    Electric Fuel Pump - Mistake?

    The electric pump should be really easy to disconnect and remove. Aisin / OEM pumps are easy to find and easy to install. I think I found mine online for about $90 (try Amazon or RockAuto). *Just make sure you also get the $5 plastic spacer that fits between the pump and the engine block***...
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    Things you ask yourself when you are a new 60 series owner

    I swear I've been laughing out loud while reading through all the responses...It's a little affirmation that I'm not totally crazy - or if I am crazy at least I'm not alone. I've loved mine and hated it, gone through cycles where I'd post it for sale and then remove the ad because I realized I...
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    My perfect dash is no more

    I got one of those form fitted plastic dash covers to go over my wrecked factory dash. It too has started to crack, right in the crease where the dash rises up to the gauge hump. I've tried drilling stop holes at the end of the crack a couple of times to no avail. If you come up with...
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Decided to finally install the new woodruff key for my power steering pulley in hopes of eliminating some wobble. When I replaced my power steering pump several months ago I found the woodruff key to be severely smeared and mis-shapen. I didn't have a replacement at that time so I put the old...
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    Brake Pads OEM VS the others

    Napa Gold calipers and pads were part of my initial overhaul when I bought my 60. Put approx 10k miles on them so far with no complaints. Can't compare apples to apples with OEM as I've never had them, but I'd have no reservation using them again.
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    Fuel Cut Off Help w/ pictures

    I grounded the white wire to the carb body using a ring connector as seen in Spike Strip's post (pg 1, post #12)...super easy and made a world of difference for me. HTH
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    July Meeting

    Sounds good, thanks!
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    July Meeting

    TC, I'd like to finally attend a meeting and pay some dues...would that work to drop in on the July meeting or is it a "members in good standing only" type of deal? Either way, I probably won't pass up an opportunity to give MAP a few bucks, it's just a matter of whether I creepily stare at you...
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    Clutch hydraulic line routing?

    I replaced my master and installed the same braided steel line. Ran it the exact same way - up over the master, across the firewall and down to the slave. Mine installed & bled easily and I've never had an issue.
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    I'm using a mix of original screws with a few replacements. If you're talking about the flat slide on clip anchors, I got a box set of anchors with screws at Harbor Freight for cheap and they actually work.
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Finally the stars aligned and I was; A) Home B) Had a gorgeous day & C) Nothing else to do but enjoy a nice hand wash followed by refreshing the grill and headlight bezels. I love those fun easy jobs that actually turn out fine instead of devolving into hours of heartache, stripped bolts...
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    Can someone help me find out what engine this is??

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    Period correct cargo boxes?

    Some bannister rails from an old Super 8 and scraps of Pergo flooring should do it. Couple of rainbow stickers to top it off...all you need is a sweet set of tube socks and a terry cloth headband!
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    Builds 1983 Cruiser Story

    Love the write-up and your progress as yet another addict. :) I absolutely love the stock wheels when they're shined up and looking good...just don't think it gets better. Mine were long gone when I got my cruiser and I've since updated to a different style of aftermarket wheel - but I always...
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