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    Tundra 18" TRD Wheel Compatibility?

    Wheels and tires off of craigslist for $750. Stock size as you mentioned. No lean I run stock pressure of 35? Psi. It handles better especially on bumps and pavement seams.
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    Tundra 18" TRD Wheel Compatibility?

    I found a set of stock Tundra take offs with 16 miles on them for $750. Discount tire even sold me certificates for them. So for $120 I have replacement and lifetime balancing/rotation. They do rub a little on a LX at full lock when the suspension is is the lowest setting but normally I only use...
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    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    Mud season in the high country! Had 9" the night before and it all melted within 24 hours.
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    I don't have warped rotors but something odd is going on.

    The rotors are typically ductile iron or grey iron. To me it looks like the material is not fully homogenized (not exactly the same all over with regard to alloying elements). In other words the area of a different color may have just a bit more or a bit less of Carbon or Graphite, etc. This can...
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    where stock lx can go ?

    Most of the Alpine Loop in SW CO would be fine. I did all but Engineer pass into Ouray in a stock 100 series a few years ago. Very cool jeep road most at or above treeline!
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    LX front seat side panels

    Not sure I just peeled up to fix the fabric underneath the bolsters.
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    09 LX rear trim

    My 2010 is starting to pell around the taillights, did you ever figure out a solution to this other than buying new? I’d like to make mine black.
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    Price break for color?

    Anything but black or white was what I was looking for. Really like my “odd” color after living with it for a year.
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    2009 LX570

    Your front seat bolsters look like mine when I bought it. if you want to fix them I wrote up a thread on it. Easy fix - the material just under the leather bunches up over time. LX front seat side panels
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    200 series picture thread

    My 2010 LX with TRD wheels
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    Wanted One TRD 18” wheel

    i need a spare since I switched from 20”. Looking for a 18” TRD black and silver alloy wheel. Would prefer if it had a usable tire as well in 275/65-18
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    Tundra 18" TRD Wheel Compatibility?

    Looking at wheel and tire takeoffs. seem to be plenty out there with stock Michelin AT2 tires with low miles.
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    Rear window molle panel

    Did you look at Raingler website. If they don’t have anything they could probably make some.
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    Tundra 18" TRD Wheel Compatibility?

    Looking at a stock Tundra 18" setup complete with the OEM Michelins that came on them. They are 275/65-18 tires vs the LC size recommended size of 285/60-18. I just want to confirm the 275/65 works with no rubbing before I pull the trigger - the wheels and tires are new take off's so not...
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    Would these center caps fits stock 18” wheels?

    Ever get an answer on this?
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