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    Parting Out 2000 LC LKQ RALEIGH

    Jesus christ can anyone on this forum read?
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    Parting Out 2000 LC LKQ RALEIGH

    I'm guessing you guys don't have or understand lkq. This thing went to China via a crushed box a few weeks after I posted. After vehicles are stripped they crush them.
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    I'll spend what I have to get it right as I love the ahc. I bled it again and the accumulator had some air but the globes were solid fluid. I'll keep working it, I have another can of fluid
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    180k, new ahc globes, pressure adjustment via tech stream and torsion adjustment, rear spring spacers, new fluid. What I've noticed is some "jerking " while the ahc is adjusting. Any ideas on what it may be? Seems to be the rear, possibly a bad ram?
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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread
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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread
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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread

    Whatever your budget allows.
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    The Great ONSC Gun Thread

    Me....I'd order a complete upper and complete lower from psa. Get something with a nice free float rail and magpul furniture. Throw a nice red dot or 1.5-4 scope on it and enjoy
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    How-To: TechStream In 5 Minutes

    I bought one from the guy here, no problems works great
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    Random For Sale/Wanted to include CL, Ebay, etc

    Wish it was the wide version
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    For Sale NC BFG K02 275 60 20

    4 tires for sale 275 60 20 k02 tires. Worst wear is on shoulder of a couple but some decent tread left. Located NC 27325 $100 FIRM WILL DELIVER UP TO 60 MILES FOR 50C/MILE
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    Builds Project Rehab

    ^^^ looks like you left a highway gator somewhere. Like this build idea, can't wait to see it cut up.
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    Wait...that costs what now???

    On sale at tsc for $45
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    For Sale NC 2000 LX470 Parts

    OEM running boards $200
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    Want to do some beach camping/surf fishing

    I did oregon inlet and ocracoke campgrounds in May. Loved every second of it, highly recommend it!
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