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    LCDC 7 - Summer 2021 Official Thread

    waitlisted 🤷‍♂️
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    Grom VLine

    On my 2008 USDM LC, the installation was pretty smooth. Everything was straightforward and didn't require any soldering or splicing. Mounted the unit under the glove compartment. So far, the unit works with a couple minor bugs. The most annoying one is when I go from D -> R -> D, the unit...
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    Part for servo motor that controls AC modes

    I feel ya.
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    Part for servo motor that controls AC modes

    Haven’t had the time (or motivation) to remove most of the media console to get to the servo. Given that it’s adjacent to so many different parts, I can’t say with absolute certainty that it’s the servo motor.
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    Part for servo motor that controls AC modes

    Still in my backlog. As of now, I haven’t found the source of the noise.
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    For Sale  Nitto Ridge Grappler LT 305 70 17

    Nitto Ridge Grappler LT 305 70 17. These tires have about 1500 miles on them. Great condition. Set of 5 tires. I'm selling because I decided to upgrade to a different tire/wheel setup. Location: San Jose, CA Here's my craigslist posting which includes photos...
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    COMPLETE: Grom Audio VLine VL2 Group Buy Round 3

    Anyone get a shipping update on these orders?
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    Grom VLine

    Thanks for the heads up! Got one for my 08 usdm
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    Ski/snowboard rack for k9 roof rack solution?

    Thanks for the info!. Would love to see some photos with the rack mounted, if you have any :)
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    Ski/snowboard rack for k9 roof rack solution?

    I have a k9 roof rack on my 200 right now. I know the k9 rack is compatible with yakima and thule cross bars but I don't really want to add additional height when I'm transporting snowboards. Anyone successfully mount a ski/snowboard holder directly on the k9 rack? If so, what mounting solution...
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    Grom VLine

    @fj80psi How's the VLine2 working for you so far? Any known issues?
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    Front spring rate 600, 650, or 700?

    I have a winch and front bumper and 700 was too low. Had to go with 800 on my King Shocks Choosing spring rates for King shocks
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    New prop shaft part #?

    Sorry to dig up this old thread. I've started to hear some noise coming from the rear end of the drive shaft. Going to try to grease it up to see if it fixes the problem. In the case it doesn't is 37110-60B20 still the correct part to order and replace for the 2008 USDM LC 200? Thanks
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    Anyone have rear shock guards on?

    I upgraded those icons to the trail tailor guards last year. They r a lot strong and don't rotate around due to an impact. Jason makes some dope stuff!
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    Grom VLine

    Contacted Grom to see if they fully qualified the Grom VL2 for the 2008 land cruiser. Here's what they said "Our LEX5 units should work fine but we are still getting some small issues there. Should be clear in couple of weeks if we have a full compatibility or not." Can't wait for em to qualify...
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