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    Sliders same color as body

    Post pics if your sliders are the same color as the body. Trying to decide what color to go with. My rig is white.
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    Wiring up older round headlights

    I hope I dont get kicked off here for posting a j?!p but my buddy asked me for help rewiring the lights on this. I havent gone to check it out yet but we are planning to run all new wires and switches. My question is, what would be the easiest way to do these as far as switches/relays go? Do I...
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    Seat extensions for 100 Series

    I'm definitely interested in this also!
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    Colorado trip

    Thanks for the advice guys! Maybe if I don't get in we'll try to find some trails closer to Denver. My main concern is that I'm a newbie at off roading so it would be nice to have some pros around the first time I go.
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    Colorado trip

    Hello all. Its been a while since I posted anything as my 100 has been running great. I'm from Missouri and the other day one of my buddies randomly asked me if I wanted to go see String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks on July 19. Being a lover of Red Rocks, I immediately said yes. Shortly after I...
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    Moonlight racing

    I am off work from 11/28-12/8. Is anybody interested in going to Moonlight or anywhere else?
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    Bluetooth music without a lot of fuss?

    I picked up one of these at Wally World on the way home from buying my cruiser and it works awesome. Its very clear and you can answer calls through it. The usb ports are nice too. For $10, you can't beat it...
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    2000 LC Suspension Refresh

    My 99 has 270k. I just replaced the front shocks with OEM and also replaced the sway bar links/cusions and bushings. It made a world of difference. It was around 200 bucks for all of that and maybe 2-3 hours of work.
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    Negative battery terminal/cable part # or aftermarket replacement

    I just got a new interstate battery from costco and want to switch to this setup. Ordered the terminals from slee today. My current terminals are pretty janky. I want to put a real connector on the 4 ga ground cable. Do you solder those on or crimp?
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    Draw-tite 75095 and LX470... grrrrrrrr....

    I had the same issue when installing mine with the weld nut not lined up in the frame. Seems very un-Toyota. I was only towing a bbq trailer that didn't weigh that much so I haven't worried about it yet but eventually I'm gonna have to uninstall it and get the weld nut to line up somehow.
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    Wont start.

    I went back and it started right up. Stopped by advanced auto on the way home to put the battery tester on and they said it is fine. He said to look at the alternator because when the ac and headlights are on, the voltage drops to 12.5-12.8. I verified this with the torque app after I got home...
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    Wont start.

    Im gonna load up some tools and go back in a few minutes. If the battery is going bad, would there be any previous signs? Everything was going great until today.
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    Wont start.

    Having an issue where when i try to start my 99 lc it does not crank. The only thing i can maybe tell is that when i try to start it, the brake light comes on. Does that mean the brake sensor could be bad? Any help is appreciated. Its currently in the bowling alley parking lot.
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    Brakes seem to stick when I release pedal ...

    I'm gonna try that first. Thanks!
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    Brakes seem to stick when I release pedal ...

    I'm having this same issue where after I come to a stop, the pedal sticks for a second when I let off the brake. Where do you think I should start? The front brakes are all new pads and rotors. I do not know how many miles the rears have but the mechanic said they are still in good shape.
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