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    UPDATED 08/28/2022!!! Huracan Fabrication Tailgate Storage Group Buy starts 08/29/22!!!

    Very interested in this! Thank you so much, @sleepycruiser For those who have already done this mod - any long term reports on changes to road noise or rattles coming from the rear of the truck? Thanks!
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    Tailgate Storage Lid 100 series

    Interested as well
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    How to: Replacing OEM Subwoofer in 3rd Row

    Thanks @latetotheparty and @zcostilla This is exactly the issue I'm trying to reconcile! Crutchfield, undoubtedly an audio specialist, claims it is ok to use a subwoofer with lower impedance (8ohms) with the ML system that originally has a ~12ohm subwoofer. It would appear that many have...
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    How to: Replacing OEM Subwoofer in 3rd Row

    I've got a 02 LX470 with the Mark Levinson system. After replacing the original subwoofer speaker with an 8ohm Visaton replacement, I still found myself unhappy with the results and wanted to install a sub that could offer a little more opmh. I went with a 6in Bazooka tube SVC 8ohm unit...
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    New Grille for the LX470

    I’m sorry to hear this, @aedgington ! It also appears that there is a massive gap at the bottom of the grille.
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    New Grille for the LX470

    Nice! Please post some pics when you install it!
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    100 Series Catalytic Converter Protector Skid Plate

    Satisfied customer here as well!
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    SOLD USA: J100 (2001 LX470) AHC switch and turn/light switch combo clearout

    @fanboy Is the turn signal switch still available? Thanks
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    Is it possible to get Aux port connection on Mark Levinson (LX)

    I used the GROM TOYOA1 unit and connected its Aux hook up to an Alexa Auto. Now I have very clear bluetooth audio in my rig for about $125
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    For Sale Houston: 2002 LX470 - Steering Wheel Pad

    Steering Wheel Pad with Air Bag. Fits 1998-2002 LX470s and 100 Series Land Cruisers Scratches on “L” Emblem. $150 Will Ship. 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 UZJ100
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    DIY Cat Skid Plate

    I'll add my 2 cents as well - @Beto Cruiser was a total gentleman and did way more than his fair share of the heavy lifting in the install! Product looks and fits great. Looks very clean installed, and like @aedgington said, was pleasantly surprised at how burly the plate is!
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    VSC OFF switch install.

    Finally got around to doing this. Big thanks to both @LostAfrican for the relay wiring diagram and help and @aedgington for selling me his LX last year! Of course thanks to @Odyseuss for starting this thread. I used @LostAfrican 's relay method and wired it up to a switch that I made using...
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    Rear View Mirror Compass! Need Help!

    Thanks @87warrior Looking at Toyota Parts Direct, it appears to be either 87810-60170 or 87810-60180
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    Rear View Mirror Compass! Need Help!

    @87warrior do you have a part number for the compass mirror? Thanks!
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    Amber Fog Light

    Very nice! Great looking rig. What HIDs are these? When you tried the LEDs, where they brighter than the OEM halogens? I imagine they may have not cast as far.
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