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    24V high output alternator with vacuum pump

    I have a 12v alt there. Pretty easy to do
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    Wanted Head for 1987 13bt

    Damn, I guess I am not the only one with those cracks. Hit up Steve Jackson, He thought he had one went I was looking for mine.
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    70 Products -- TRAIL TAILOR

    I made mine. It’s fairly simple route. Just depends where you want it to exit.
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    Military Discount

    I just ordered some stuff through poly performance. They offered 15% discount, you just had to get verified which was pretty easy.
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    24V heated seat options

    like this?
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    70 Products -- TRAIL TAILOR

    I’m down for a tail gate as well. Opening or not
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    70 Products -- TRAIL TAILOR

    s***, you make some bj74 rear door panels that can pop out for storage and I'll love you forever
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    Has anyone put a Cummins 2.8 in an LJ78 yet? I sure would love to!

    I could have swore I saw a kit to mount the h55f to the 2.8 but you needed a gas input shaft or some s*** like that. I'll have to look around
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    70 Products -- TRAIL TAILOR

    Let me know when you do those interior panels. I was going to order some sheet ally and make them at some point but I'd like to just buy the damn things. What are your plans for the rear bumper and sliders?
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    How to start a 24v HDJ81 with 12v video

    I must have missed something. But why?
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    SOLD  WTB:13B-T head

    Looking for a good usable 13bt head.
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    SOLD 13B-T Engine

    Is it a 6 bolt or 8 bolt flywheel? And where are you located?
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    For Sale Ventura, CA: 17" TR Beadlocks (with 33" KO)

    The tire choice on it kills me. Lemme give it some thought or see if someone local needs the smaller tire.
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    For Sale Ventura, CA: 17" TR Beadlocks (with 33" KO)

    These are the real beadlocks not the simulated ones correct? I didn't know TR sold sim ones till I checked their website.
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