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    For Sale  4 Stock 18" Land Cruiser Wheels - $225

    These came off my 2003 Land Cruiser. I've got 2 center caps included 18x8 size, 5x150 $225 picked up in Northern VA, will ship for actual cost of shipping/materials Cosmetically fair condition, but no cracks, no bends, no wobbles.
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    For Sale  Stock Springs from 2003 Land Cruiser - Rust free $50

    Came off the vehicle with 192k miles on it, clean springs. Non-AHC suspension. $50 picked up I can ship for actual shipping cost (expect it to be about $30-60 shipping) Located in Northern, VA
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    For Sale  18" Factory wheels 5 spoke Hyper Silver + Tires (Set of 5) - Northern, VA

    These came off my 2003 LC, 4 are dismounted, one has a brand new tire (still in the spare carrier). $300 for the set. I also have a set of 4 Michelin Defender LTX tires with 8/32nd tread left for $450. Ill do a package deal for $650 for everything (5 wheels and tires) Pickup in Northern, VA...
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    Small thud during acceleration after coasting

    Its definitely driveline related ORRRR very slight chance could be engine mount/trans mount bushings. Source: i've changed every single suspension bushing on this truck in the last 500 miles, thud still exist.
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    Small thud during acceleration after coasting

    Front diff bushing removed 90% of my thud, this thud occurred when coasting then getting back on the gas, or sometimes from a stop. I'll be throwing in all new u-joints (OEM Toyota) here in the next week or so, will report back to see if this cures the other thud)
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    rear upper and lower control arms

    I have OME 2865 springs in the rear, i think thats 1.5" lift, bumped the front up about an 1", i just cranked the stock TB's, alignment is within spec with my OEM front control arms (rebuilt)
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    rear upper and lower control arms

    Agreed, I put poly on the race car, OEM for everything else. I did use the cruiser outfitters "aftermarket" rubber bushing in the rear upper control arms and panhard rod, went with SPC rear lower control arms bc they were cheaper than doing bushings with paying myself labor. This made a HUGE...
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    More evidence why the LX is quieter than the Land Cruiser

    Dang, you might've gotten the last few pieces they had, NLA for all pieces listed except the last 4 on your list
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    More evidence why the LX is quieter than the Land Cruiser

    Fantastic! Those are great prices, is this from partsouq?
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    More evidence why the LX is quieter than the Land Cruiser

    So does anyone have a definitive part list of all the seals, or most of the seals people use here? I've got an 03 LC thats pretty loud inside, and i'd love to quiet it down
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    Off The Beaten Path Restoration

    Fantastic work!
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    Modifications To Improve Gas Mileage

    I've got an 03 LC with 192k miles, fresh plugs, fuel filter, fluids all around, and cruising on the highway for about 100 miles im getting close to 21mpg. Stock suspension, stock tires. I thought it was funny getting that MPG. But its a big damn truck, who cares what mileage you get, just...
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    For Sale Steering Rack Bushings - Super Pro 03+ $40 shipped

    bump these are still available
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    For Sale  Steering Rack Bushings - Super Pro 03+ $40 shipped

    Selling a new set of bushings. I took them out of the package, and fitted one into my rack, only to realize my rack needed replacement. Just popped out the bushing and put it back in the package. These are in new condition, never driven on. $40 shipped including PP fees.
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