Yokohama Geolandar MT's..What do you think??

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Jun 12, 2009

Is anyone rolling with the Yokohama Geolandar MT's? Specifically the 285/75/16's?

What is your opinion on it? I'm shopping around for tires and this is one of the tires offered to me, and the price seems really good.

Any opinions or comments is greatly appreciated.

I had them and there were great offroad but they were completely shot in 10k
I had a set in the stock FJCruiser size, on an FJC. I think they were 265/70/17. They were good in the mud and ok on the highway. In the rain the VSC was kicking in alot just driving around town. They are a directional tread, which I did not like after rotating once or twice.

I had about 25k miles on mine when I sold the FJC. They had started showing some uneven wear but still had what seemed like over 60% of the tread left. I think they would have lasted another 10k miles or so.
Had a set on a 4Runner a few years ago. Mileage wasn't stellar and the noise was too much on trips more than an hour. Not sure if they've update the tire since then (circa 2003).

I have a set of ATR's on my 80 series, after 10 years of BFG's the price drove my to look around. They have a double side wall not a tripple like the BFG's so there is noticably more body roll, but not unsafe and you need to rember what we use them for and that is generally slow, muddy or Pullin heavy things. Im in to my first 5000km and they seam to be ok the jury is still out on going the distance.
They came on my 94' that I bought couple weeks ago. Seem to be pretty good so far. Nothing out of the norm that would raise any flags ..
Great tire

I have then on my HDJ81 in that size. They are awesome. Great on any surface. Road noise is minimal for a MT and the wear is good. They have about 30000km on them now and they are at about 50-60%.

I'm planning to buy them again in a 35'' or a 37'' when they wear out.

And yeah they did modify the design recently to the Yokohama MT +
Yeah the 40x13.50R17 is only $309 on tirerack. That's a steal! Most people aren't interested in running 40's though ;).

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