Wanted WTB Long Ranger Tank in US

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Feb 18, 2006
United States
Searching around for suppliers of the Long Ranger here in the US. Anyone know of a vendor? Have one for sale:rolleyes: yourself?
I want one too....

Maybe another group buy is in order...Let me know if you find out any info.
The 44 gallon tank is not listed..I will call tomorrow
I have a 1992 Fj80 w/ Cummins 4bta I want it for a wvo tank..

To my knowledge no one has them... I did a group order 2 years ago, but haven't drummed up enough interest since... for the 80 series it would be around $850 for the 100 series $950. FOB California.

If you can get 4-5 people, I would do another group order.

I wish they made a 30ish gallon tank that didn't hang down as much. I would go in on the 44 though, especially through PVCruisers as he is a great guy to deal with.
I called MAF and all they can get is a 24 gallon with dual filler for $950 and they won't have them in for 3 weeks...

PVCruiser: Is that $850 price for the 80 series with the factory dual filler or just the tank??
Will the factory dual filler cross contaminate between tanks? I would like to run WVO in the 44gal. and biodiesel in the stock tank, and I don't want them mixing...
I'd be interested in joining a group buy on the 44G tank... is that the size you're talking about or the 24?
Count me in for the 44gal.
That's 2 of us!
Anyone else?
I might be in for 1 (1996 80 series). Anyone know of any installers in the SF bay area?
MAF does not have the 44gal.(at least when I called) they only have a 24gal for the same price as the 44gal.

If you talked to someone different that said they have them please give me his name so I can order one.

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