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Apr 12, 2008
hello, new to the forum, im thinking about making the switch from jeeps to toyotas! want to buy an fj 40. need any advise on this. what is the best way to go - a v8 conv or just buy one with the original 6cyl? ultimately i would like to have one that has the hard top with the barn doors on the back. pretty original maybe a small lift and some bigger wheels/tires.are new sheet metal parts available and where is the best place to buy replacement body panels/repair panels? are there companies with parts catalogues? what advise would you guys have on which year to get and what areas to look for problems at when looking at a prospective purchase? anything else i should know before buying? thanks.
Look for rust/cracks in the frame especially around at both ends of the rear springs. If you buy a truck that has disc brakes you won't need to swap them in later (not hard to do though). Original 6 or very well done v8 swap. Be aware that most of the V8 conversions that I have seen have been hack jobs. You may also want to get one with power steering.
If you want barn/ambulance doors get a 76ish or newer with disc brakes. All sheet metal is availible for a price... if you can find one with little rust it'll be cheaper than replacing metal. Once you pass a certain point you'll be looking at a new body tub which are not cheap.

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