WTB FJ40 or BJ42 nw PA

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I have a 1980 BJ40 with 5 speed, original paint, rebuilt engine with 2k miles, swamper tires, oem rims, perfect frame, front bench seat, glass perfect, brand new Skyjacker springs with 2.5" lift, excellent condition hardtop. Has a dent in one ambulance door and some minor rust on the rear corners. I have 1982 BJ42LX axles on it with the rear cable brake and front discs.
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can you PM me your email address?
Here's one pic with the old rims and tires on it. Has 31x10.5x15 swampers with oem rims and hubcaps now. I can snap some new pics tomorrow.

Note: this also doesn't have the new skyjacker springs on yet. That's this weekend's project.

I'm located 30 mins West of Boston. You could easily drive it to PA.
jsaltlick, that's a really nice cruiser but I'm going to look for one more local. I'm just not good at dealing with long distance deals.

Good luck with your sale.

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