WTB: Fj 60 or 62

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Jun 4, 2008
Northeast, PA
I'm kicking around the idea of getting a FJ 60 (or maybe a 62), I prefer the round headlights and 4-speed, but will consider a good deal on a 62.
In order to do this I will have to get rid of (or trade) my 91 Fj80 and possably my 87 4runner :frown: BUT, I'm thinking I want one and I know the wife will dis-own me, or worse..... :doh:

This is just a dream right now but if you know of any for sale please let me know.

There is a guy in my Squadron that has one from CA and it is in near PERFECT condition. I forget how much he paid for it, but it was north of $10K. It is 1990 FJ62 and like I said it is sweet. From the sound of your post, it looks like you are looking for something less than what I am describing.

Good luck, there was someone in the clubhouse that had one for sale a while back, I don't know if he ever sold it.
Yeah that's more than I'm looking to spend.
Do you know who was selling one in the clubhouse??
After reading & searching around quite a bit I'm on the lookout for a Fj60.
I really like the round lights, I know its a pretty easy swap but I really want 4-speed, I even prefer the carb over fuel injection (easier for me to work on).

I'm looking mostly in the PA,NY,NJ areas, I'm finding a bunch of 62's (even some good deals) but not many 60's out there right now.

If anyone knows of any 60's for sale please let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Might I suggest you PM Smukster and tell him what you seek......

Does he have one for sale??

He and I were exchanging PM's a day or two ago about a 91 Fj80, I mentioned that I was looking for a 60.


you just missed a nice red one...did you try thepapershop.com?


Yeah I saw the red one.......after it was sold. :doh:
I'll have to check the papershop.
The search is off, I got an 83 Fj60.

I'll post pic's if you promise not to laugh. :lol:

I'll start a new thread.

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