Would you trade? fj62 for 944??

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Jan 14, 2005
I have an offer from someone I do not know to trade my 1988 fj62


for a 1989 944 in good shape with 238k miles, some new parts, and the motor was rebuilt 38k ago, I have a friend that knows a lot about cars, (other than land cruisers) checking it out

what do you guys think? should I bite?

I still have my 40, so I would not be cruiserless, but one of the reasons for selling the 62 is I want the cash.

this is a first, no one here has an opinion!

come on guys, give up the opinion
For an '89 911 - - yes. For an '89 944 - - no. If you are needing cash or are having trouble paying for all the repairs to your 62, trading for a 944 won't solve that issue. It may even be worse. 944 was a bad idea made even worse by production. My opinion, yours may vary.:grinpimp:
well the guy just backed out,,, 1 hour before the deal was to happen,,,, what a waste of time! something else I do not have much of.

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