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May 16, 2010
So picked up the 80 last year, needed a ton of ding and dent work, missing outer pieces etc.
Fixed the following right after I picked her up:
flairs and stripping replaced
front bumper caps installed (missing)
end caps for steps installed (broken and missing)
dented drivers side fender fixed
rear vents installed (missing)
Major dings and dents fixed
A buddy owns a Body shop, so total with materials and labor was 4k, he did it for a grand and some tradeout from my company

Over the last 9 months I have done the following:
Full front unit rebuild/repack.
all seals replaced in front end/repack birfs
replace spindle bushing with 100 series needle bearing spindle bushings
new brakes/rotors
all diffs drained and filled
NEW Battery
New Tires
New radiator
Full Yak rack system including roll offs and deflector, paddle holders, etc.
spent last weekend doing the U-joints on rear, will do the front this week
spent yesterday doing the radiator/cooling system hoses, tstat (thanks Will ACC)
Sourced Constant torque clamps from NAPA and used them.
Installed Center Diff Switch (she is locked)
Installed Audio gear, have Butyl sound deadening to install, haven't had time yet.
Still have a high pitched whine that starts at 45, only on throttle. Will see if it is the front Drive shaft this week when I pull it.

She just rolled 250k last week. I have spent a large amount of time, saved quite a bit of $$ by doing the work myself, but I am considering selling her and finding a low(er) mileage Hundy as a replacement. If you were in my shoes, would you continue to baseline and keep her, or sell and move to a 100 series? If I was to sell, what would be a good price? Give me some thoughts... here are some pics:

Mar 20, 2009
Mt Prospect, IL
So ya did all the work just to sell it now, ok??? If it runs good keep it, when it dies you overhaul the engine and you will have another 250K and will stay payment free....and that is the beauty of it all. Good luck...

Price now days with this millage no more than $4500 i think. So once again Good luck!!!
Jan 21, 2010
So Cal
It doesn't make sense to put in all the work then turn around and sell the LC. Unless you are in the used auto business. :flipoff2:
May 16, 2010
I Hear ya.. I ordered the OME shocks today.

I paid cash for the truck, so anything I put into it is like making a car payment anyway...The one thing that would update the interior is re-covering the front seats. The passenger seat is toast, driver not so bad. Just cycled all the diff locks and they still work, haven't done that in a few months. Maybe if the right offer comes around...
May 13, 2008
Boulder, CO
That's a really nice looking truck. I may be wrong but I think you will be taken to the cleaners with the gas going up and the way people freak out about it. I would hold onto it as long as you don't have to commute with it.


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Mar 22, 2005
Durango, CO
If you plan on wheeling it at all, keep the 80....

Solid axle truck easier/cheaper to mod.

is it a 93 or a 94?
May 16, 2010
I work close, but do quite a bit of hopping from job sites. Not a whole lot of vehicles out there that can haul work gear and get good gas mileage anyway. I have a 30 MPG vehicle that I can use if need be.

The Truck is a 94, I do take it camping and some off road, not a whole lot of real wheeling places here in Florida.

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