Won't start

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Jun 13, 2012
92 land cruiser fuse box bottom left by foot rest I have to hit and move fuse and relay to start bought all new relay still have trouble start but will start has any one had this problem thank you
Replace the far as well. They can look good and still be bad at times. Use some dielectric grease in the connection of the relay as well.


You have been complaining about starting issues in several threads over the past few weeks. Why don't you give us all some more information to go on. How about all the things you've tried and any diagnosis that you have done. Roll it all together in one thread so we will be better armed with information to assist you.

BTW there are no fuses in the driver's side kick panel. Only relays. The only one that would effect starting would be the circuit opening relay on the bottom. If the contacts are intermittent, then you can replace the contacts or try cleaning them.
Ok this is what I have done it cranks over 3 or 4 times before it starts seems like no gas is getting through I put a new cold start injector still does the same the relays on the bottom once I move them around it will start the blower relay was burnt I replace that and the main relay gets very hot when I touch it all of that is at the foot panel
Sorry I said it wrong it cranks over 3or 4 time then turn it off try it again turn it off again and again and sometime it will start and sometime it won't but now I wiggle the relay on the relay panel it will start the first time are the relay always very hot.
Thank you
Well then it appears it comes down to poor connections on the circuit opening relay.
Clean them first and inspect the connections on the rear of the relay panel. The connections can be replaced with OEM parts, but you will need to know how to properly solder and make solid connections.
X2 on the bad connection. Anytime you jiggle something and it changes operation its a bad connection. could be oxidized enough to be making a poor connection. Clean the female end as good as you can with small piece of sandpaper folded up or scr ape with dental pick....etc. something to get some shiny material showing in the connection. apply dielectric grease on terminals and reinstall relay. Post back with your findings.

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