wiper motor cover

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I noticed this the other day when I purchased a used frame for my 11/78. It seems that 75-9/77 has a smaller cover then the new years. Also the larger cover I have has a hole in the center-not sure if that is from the factory.

Also the replacement motors there days require the larger cover.
Went out and measured; One of my covers is 7 1/2" center to center on the mounting holes, the other was a little under 8 3/8"(probably metric). I don't know if there are any different sizes than these two.
Thanks for the reply, the cover I have is too small. I'll have to try to find the big cover.

Thanks Again.

On my 75, when I got it the cover was askew. Turned out the cover was right for the mounting screws, but the motor inside was too big. A few dimples with a ball-peen hammer clearanced it just fine;)
i went through this about a year ago, in like 79 or 80 toyota went to a bigger stronger wiper motor and also went to a bigger cover of coarse. all the replacement motors are this bigger type. i know because i replaced mine. the new moter was $175.00 and no covers available in the U.S from dealers ( or at least not mine) i went to spectre ($20.00) and got a used cover from like a 79 or 80 and up. it fit fine but i had to drill new hole's to mount it. and yes they come with a hole in the middle of them and i dont know why. i think they had a plug in them originally, i just welded it up and ground off and a little finishing putty and painted it. looks great and you can't tell the diff.

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