Windshield Rubber Seal Moulding Wrong???

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Feb 16, 2011
Republic of Panama, Wasaga Beach, Ontario

I have to replace my windshield and read as much as I could find on these forums.

So I went to the dealership in Ontario Canada and bought the moulding.

They sold me part# 56121-60100 which does not have a chrome lock strip like I have existing now.

Do I need to find one with the chrome locking strip or will this one work which is just rubber and no allowance for a lock strip?

The dealer couldn't look up the exact part for mine because they didn't sell land cruisers in canada until 1995 (so I am told). When I looked up the part # it showed compatible for 95-97 somewhere online (USA).

Is it normal to have a lot of play/movement in the windshield in and out direction?

I have a 1993 80 series diesel LHD from Panama.

Many Thanks
FWIW there is no movement of my windshield (96 FZJ80).

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