winch, bumper,hitch...

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Jul 28, 2004
Medford, Oregon
United States
Hello all,
I have a few things I need to get rid of to clear out the garage.

Warn 8274 winch. I do not know if it works. I removed it when I bought the truck. There is no cable or contol. $250 plus shipping (it aint light)

rear tail light gaurds $20 plus shipping

hitch $20 plus shipping

bumper with 8274 mount and the fairlead $40 plus shipping

I'm in Medford, Oregon (97504) if you would prefer picking it up thats cool with me. I don't have a Paypal account so payment will have to be through regular mail.

Thanks all, Greg
I can't add pix of the other items, there to large. If itrested I will email
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Interested in the winch, but want the fairlead, too. I'm gonna ask my neighbor tonight when his son is coming home again. I could possibly get a free ride out of that.
Not a problem.....let me know

Will do. I edited my first post and want the fairlead in case you didn't see that. My neighbor's son's going to college in Weed, CA and comes back frequently. I'll be in touch ASAP. :cheers:
Put me in line for the winch if the other guys back out.I'll be in portland on the 12th if it can be delivered there.
PMed you. Sounds like Weed is only 50 miles from ya. :grinpimp:
Hello all,
The winch has been sold, the other GREAT items are still avaliable. I can email pics if intrested.

Thanks again, Greg
Dang, so close and yet so little money....
Hey guys sorry it took me so long to respond...I'll get pics out to all when I return home tomm.

Thanks again, Greg

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