Will this 54mm socket work?

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Aug 12, 2011
Sacramento, CA
It'll depend on the wall thickness. Unless you need it asap your best bet is to order one online, maybe Amazon or one of the contributing vendors. If you need it asap try a NAPA or similar parts store and pick up a 2 1/8 or 2 1/4 stamped style (I forget which size I have).
The picture on the Northern tool website shows a Toyota front axle being serviced.
The picture on the Northern tool website shows a Toyota front axle being serviced.
Ah nice catch, didn't even see that. Looks like this one will work!
And thanks for the other tips/links! I've seen the 'real' axle nuts for $14-16, but shipping is always $10+. Might as well go with Northern Tool where I can also get a 1/2-3/4" adapter and come out to the same price.
yes it does work. used the same NT one when i did my axle job. i also had to use the 3/4" to 1/2" adapter.
Should work. I have a craftsman 2 1/8" socket in 1/2"dr that looks almost identical.

Another thing to consider is weight and compatibility. If you carry one of these in your trail tool kit, it may make sense to get the lighter one (the actual Toyota SST or the one Marlin sells) that is already 3/8"dr to fit the ratchets you are already carrying.

Craftsman/Northern Tool socket is heavy, Toyota SST/Marlin is light.

Worth a couple bucks more IMO.
mine is a Blue Point I got off a truck for about $20. It's likely intended just for axle nuts as it's very light and formed metal (i.e. the whole thing is hexagonal, inner and outer, and uniform thickness rather than cylindrical on the outside, kinda like Marlin's). If that helps, the metal thickness is about 0.170". Mine is 3/4", though, which is admittedly silly.

My bet is that the Northern will fit since the Craftsman does and anyway it's nothing that a bit of file or grinder work wouldn't solve.

As side issues: I'd rather have a six-sided one as a matter of principle ( :) won't make a difference for this use) and I'd never trust an unknown pic to figure out something like that.
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Another one to say I've used the NT socket a few times. No problems other than it is a big 3/4 drive. Looks real funny if you adapt it down to 1/4 to use with a bit handle!

It can also serve to deter people from taking your beer after you're done. One hit from that thing and you're out cold.

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