Wanted Widened FJ40 Wheels near Southern California/ Southwest Colorado (1 Viewer)


Jul 5, 2013
Southwest Colorado / Southern California
Hey Guys! I am looking for 5 widened fj40 steel wheels with hub cap clips. I would prefer 16s but 15s can work! I would like to run these on my fj60. I wanted to check here on mud before I pay up to get some done at Stockton wheels. :idea:

If anyone has a set they want to part with please comment and DM me... I'm currently in Southern California but if anyone has anything in Colorado that works for me too!

Also, that kinda means my wheels are for sale... or trade. Level 8 Trackers. 17in Black.

Pictures of what I'm looking for..
Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 12.29.08 PM.png
Image 12-15-19 at 3.45 PM.JPG
Image 12-15-19 at 3.46 PM.JPG
Image 12-15-19 at 12.51 PM.JPG

Also a photo of my wheels currently on my truck that could be for sale or trade. :cheers:
DSC04271 copy.jpg

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