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Jan 26, 2005
in the garage
can you take the shift lever off the top of the tranny by just pushing down on the retainer (like the sm trannys)? or do you absolutly need the toyota service tool?

hay thanx guys.


You can do it without the SST.

Water pump pliers work well.

You can just push down and turn. It helps if you use an old spider gear as the tool.
steve, i'll just start pming you with my questions ;)

thank you!!!!

It turns just the opposite of what you think it would, not lefty-loosey/righty-tighty
its kindof a pain, but it should work.

Funny Story
I was doing some in town wheeling near a buddys house, Hit a hill in Second gear, realized i should have been in first, but it was too late, Almost at the top of the hill and the i somehow ripped the Shifer right out of the Tranny.. LOL..

I Drove it to my Freinds house and figured out how the dam thing went back in there..
See, the board giveth ;)
HA HA! That was the easiest part of the whole job!
What was strange was my 55 turned opposite of what everyone told me. I sat twisting that junk forever until I went the other way and POP!...

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