White Gauges Retrofit

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Jan 2, 2010
Palo Alto, California
Purchased this vinyl decal set from Amazon - whitegauges.net last week for $20 + $5 shipping...shipped on Friday arrived Monday (today) installed in about 1.5 hours.
Taking apart the dash is the most difficult part, of necessity, so be sure you want to tackle it. You have to pull off four wiring harnesses off the instrument cluster, taking off the steering wheel would be ideal, but I stopped attempting it after I removed the nut and it wouldn't come off. I'm sure there is some special tool to facilitate removal, and of course the wheel is key safety item so it's not gonna come off that easy. I left it on. After removal of the cluster. I took off the clear plastic cover...easy just move the clips and pull apart. Good time to wash it, too. I took some Testors magenta paint and painted all the indicator dials. They were a faded orange before. I think red against white completes the look.
Applying the decal to the face is mission critical. Had I thought it through better I would have used two extra hands and each of us would carefully lower the decal to the very exact position. As I did it with two clumsy hands was the best I could do...it's not perfect but by the time I got to the speedometer I was right on the money. I started with the, center, L and R small instruments first. The glue is pretty tacky and there is simply no wiggle room. It's imperative that you get it on right on the money the first time. Using tweezers to lightly hold the decal is the only way you can land it perfectly. The key is not to get any air pockets if you can avoid it. The overall effect is to my liking. Everything is psychological and I just like white gauges with black lettering. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't install the center transmission indicator decal. It just doesn't look right. Do that one last to see if you like it before committing it.
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Here is the Amazon page.

I still have yet to find these for the 91-92s.
Night-time update...now that I see the dash at night I would definitely leave off the decal for the transmission indicator. The decal is not precisely lined up and it looks a tad blurry. If I ever go into my dash again, I'll take that sticker off. The instructions mention lining up the decal with the dash lights illuminated but realistically I don't think this is possible because as mentioned above the decal is quite sticky and you can't readily readjust it after placing it. You have to hit it spot-on to begin with....Good thing my D light doesn't work :) The decals do make the dash lights a bit dimmer. Not really a big deal but you do notice.
I'm also a fan of white face gauges and those look great.
I know when we use to put names on the transoms of boats we would mix soap and water and spray it on, then apply the name. If it was off you could now slide it around and squeegee out air bubbles, and let it dry. I wonder if this holds true for these gauge stickers?
Sorry, not my cup of tea.
that's exactly what the instructions say...didn't really work for me...it was hot and the water evaporated instantly...good point, though

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