Whining engine

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Aug 13, 2020
Hi guys, I have just signed up on this forum so hopefully you guys can help out.
I have a serious whining sound coming from my 1FZ engine (2001 105 landcruiser gxl) I strongly believe it is coming from behind the timing case between the crank and power steering gear. The noise is still there with no drive belts attached.
I have replaced the power steering pump as I was certain that was the suspect and the engine was reconditioned about 50,000km ago although the noise has not changed. (I only purchased the car last month and did power steering myself)
I am now thinking it could be the gear that drives the oil pump between the crank and power steering gear?
I have seen a previous thread on this problem but it did not see a resolution.
Why did you shove your wife in the engine bay?
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80 forum is probably better for diagnosing this since they are mostly running the 1fz. That said, I think you're on the right track with the ps/oil pump gear. They are finicky

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