wheel bearing question

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Aug 1, 2005
arcata calif
hi hows it going i have a set of weel bearings for the front axle of my fj40. but now i need the ones for the back axle i was wondering if enyone knows if the front weel bearings are the saim size of the back?when i line them up it looks the saim but i dont know for sure.
The front bearings are tapered, the rears are not. So no, the front and rears are not the same.
normally bearings and races have identification #s on them....
alright thanks for the info.ill order backwheel barings from the dealer tomarrow. and i dont think my diferental is a full floter how can i tell?
Matt-If you don't know this basic info, how do you know you need new wheel bearings? Seriously, the rears are a pain to change out, since you have to get into the diff and pull the c-clips, and the axle shafts, get a slide hammer for the bearings etc. They don't go bad that often if kept lubed.

Full floaters are completely different, and require 2 bearings just like the fronts.
Matt - Go to SOR.com and search on wheel bearings. You'll get a link to both the semi and full float rear axles. The drawings should help you determine which type you have. Or, simply look it up in your FSM or Haynes... if you don't have either manual, then the first step is to get them ordered. You can find the order information for the FSM by searching Ih8mud.

Here is one thread that contains the number for ordering Factory Service Manuals... https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=110110&highlight=fsm+order
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its ok cruser drew ive already broken the axle down to that point and im ready to install callipers to all my wheels but i started on the back insted of the front. thats why i have the front axle barring and not the back. i guess i should of told the full story first sorry.
ok ive checked my manuel and talked to some cruiser friends and deturmind i have a full floter in the front and reguler in the back. the australian L.C came with full floters on the back axle. and mine is a stock usa 71 fj so i orderd the right ones today from man-free ($24.00) a side . so thanks for evrything and all the help im sure ill need everyone help again soon.
i got it handy. someone told me to use a propane torch and to heat up the race and it should come out pritty easy if not the slide hammer will do just fine.

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