What wheel offset for biggest tires using stock spare and suspension

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Feb 13, 2020
Chandler, AZ
I'm finally getting ready to get tires and wheels and need some wheel offset advice. My goal is to get the biggest tires I can without rubbing on stock suspension and using the stock spare carrier. I'm fine trimming, massaging the liners a bit but I want to make sure I get the best backspacing to avoid any major cutting. I'm planning on 265/70/17 so I can accommodate the spare without a carrier.

I'm thinking about getting the TRD Sema knockoffs so I can get them in 17x8". Can you guys give me advice on backspacing? I'm thinking about the eBay knockoff's from eurowheelsusa. It looks like they have them in various offsets but not sure what will work best to help accommodate the bigger tire.

I've gone through the GXOR database but the reports of running on 265/70/17's are kind of all over the place.
The reports are all over the place because it really depends on the actual tire size. Actual sizes vary. Also factory hitch will prevent some tires from being mounted there also.
I used....LT265-70x17's on 8.5" wheels w/+7 offset......

No fit underneath......yes OEM tow receiver

Goodyear Ultra Terrain tires


Been wondering the same thing. I test fitted a 265/70R17 Cooper Discover M+S Winter tire with only 1 season use on a stock 4Runner rim and it fit fine in my 2011 GX460 spare tire location with factory hitch. I did not test fit for rubbing yet but think it should work fine if it fits underneath.

Would be nice if GXOR did a seperate Wiki for the 460, the Wheel and Tire Page looks like it's for the 470.
I had a 255/75/17 Ridge Grappler on the stock wheel underneath in the stock location prior to moving to 285's and aftermarket wheels.

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