what to do with old gas

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Feb 8, 2005
I just drained out 10 gallons of gas thats been sitting from 3-5 years. its in colorado so probably had some temp extremes, it was stored outside. it looked clear, smelled like gas. my daily driver is now an fj60, but I'm not so sure about dumping it in there. any thoughts? thx all...Todd
Take it to any local repair shop. They should be able to take care of it.
Call the county hazardous waste collection place. They will ususally take it off your hands rather than have you dump it in the woods.
Varnished carbs are no fun to clean and rebuild. Don't burn it in anything. Parts cleaner or drop off at waste disposal site.
I agree, all my old gas goes into into the old F engine. Burns it nicely just like 3rd world country gas.

Do not dump it. Taking it to the the local shop to dispose of it would be my next choice.
beaufort-fj60 said:
make some hot wing sauce:flipoff2:

I could make some badass wings with it :flipoff2:
I burn fuel that old (and much older) all the time. No big deal.

"build a fire on main street and shoot it full of holes"

cudos to who can name the quote
Best weedkiller known to man....
mel lowe said:
use as a parts cleaner....not a fuel

Just don't smoke while cleaning your parts up...

Seriously, I would run it... or give it to one of your jeep friends.

Rezarf <><

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