What should I check first?

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Nov 3, 2007
Mound, MN
About a month ago my garage door opener stopped working. I just recently noticed that when I shut my truck off it works. This leads me to believe that something is no longer shielded and is blocking the signal from my opener. I have done nothing, no add-ons, no ner stereo, nothing. What should I look at first? It's a PIA to shut off the truck when I back out of the garage, then shut it down again when I get home to open the door. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Oh if it matters 94 with stock stereo, stock everything else. PIAA Fog lights, everything else stock.
Have any of your neighbors started wearing tin foil hats lately? Seriously, have you tried a new battery in the transmitter? John
There shouldn't be interferance from your truck.
I have changed the battery in the opener, that was the first thing I did. The door opens and closes great when I turn the truck off, when it's running I can't open or close the garage door. For what it's worth it's a craftsman garage door opener. As for where it's mounted, it had been on the visor but I have waved it around, held it out the window, tried high and low, the only way it works is when I turn off the truck. I have noticed a wierd static on the radio as well, but only certain stations, others come in just fine. I have an aftermarket antenna, could that be the issue?
Pretty strange. Tried it with the radio off or any other accessories off? Or played with changing the antenna on the garage door motor's location? Or possibley able to change the Hz the opener works on?

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