What I did to my Cruiser on Saturday

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May 15, 2005
First I want to thank John at Radd Cruisers for providing not only the low range gear kit from Marks, but his shop and hoist along with expertise for the day.

I installed the 3:1 low 1:1 high transfer case low range gear kit. I have been having a crisis of decision for a while now, trying to decide to either remove the 3.70 gears to install 4.11's when I install my ARB air locker. Several of you will know I've been talking to everyone I can to get opinion and experience.
My truck is 12H-T/5 speed, and long distance fuel economy is key, as well as drivability.
After a couple of really good trips, one way north of Ft St James towing an ATV for several thousand k's, and this fall when I spent a little over a week in the Chilcotin. Fuel economy while slow traveling is phenomenal! Almost as good as highway. But going slow has been a concern, the low range stock is just high enough to make me desire better gearing.
I had as much as decided on the 4.11's when John offered up the kit, as well as letting me take a quick spin in his HJ61 - identical drivetrain to mine. First low, down to a slow walk, quite unbelievable, and exactly what I needed.

So yesterday it took about an 8 hr day to do this. I apologize, but no pics, I left my phone away and had no camera.

The removal and clean up was straight forward, removal of the gears was kind of scary, as they just kind of fall out. One has to be careful. The large low gear sprocket required no clearancing of the inner case housing. The larger, middle gear did, so some very minor grinding was done for this gear, took about 1/2 an hr to do it up.

The main shaft when we removed it was in such good shape, it had no wear marks, looked like it had not even been used. The shaft diameter turned out to be larger than specs, and was too large to fit the replacement 2 pc roller bearing set. Fortunately the fellow down the road with a machine shop was there. So the smaller gear had to have the inner diameter honed out 1 thousandth of an inch. Not much, but I'll admit - had I been at home in my shop. I'd have been dead in the water!
I forget this fellows name or shop, but a bottle of scotch is on its way on Monday! Many thanks of gratitude! This was the only anomaly of the whole install, the rest was as expected.

Although essentially a $2000 upgrade, well worth it I think. There are many others who have this kit, and I would believe are in agreement. I can say, no buyers remorse here. This is a very worthwhile upgrade.

Now, the 'whine' - I hate it! I'm running dino oil for a couple of days for break in and to clean up the case. On Monday I'll install synthetic. Its been suggested either moli-slip. Dodge apparently makes something called 'gear quiet' that is supposed to be quite good. Lucas Oil apparently has an oil/additive that is proven effective.
So I will go through this process of elimination now.

Otherwise, its cool and I'm happy! :hillbilly: Redneck Happy! :wrench:

Edit: Thanks to Rob for showing up and adding some comedy relief, bad shoulder and all! ;)
Jays fj62 022.JPG
Jays fj62 021.JPG
Nice work and congrats Jon! Thanks for the pics Rob.

Can't wait to see your rig out wheeling again with the new gearing. That thing is going to be unstoppable...and I thought it was before...haha.

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