Weatherstrip Question/Concern

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Oct 9, 2014
High Point, NC
When I rebuilt the 40 steel doors, I purchased the door weatherstrip from SOR, the kit for each door. The door weatherstrip looks like it is to thick, the doors take a lot of effort to close completely and the drivers door has the upper frame pushed out past the edge of the top. Is this normal? Do I need to look elsewhere for the door weatherstrip. I hope the photo helps to make sense of the question.

OEM is available and preferred, that said ,can you adjust your hinges under the dash. Moving them out slightly may help to align the door
Same thing happened to mine when I redid all 4 doors with City Racer's. OEM weather stripping is a good bit squishier but I don't know if you'd still have this problem or not.

Here's my PS.
It happens with OE weatherstripping too. Unfortunately, with the pre-75 doors, the extra stress usually ends up cracking the lower shell where the upper channels pass through.

I only use OE at the shop, and give my customers a disclaimer about this problem.
What @65swb45 said. It's normal for newly installed weatherstripping, assuming you installed it in the proper orientation and the door hinges are appropriately adjusted. Over time, the rubber will settle in.
Thanks everyone. More adjusting to do when the weather warms up.

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