Water ingress from rear view mirror mount?

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Feb 16, 2005
Spokane, WA
For years I've battled water leaks in the cab of my 62 when it rains. Bit by bit I've narrowed them down, but I still have yet to finish fixing the couple gutter leaks I still have and finding the source of a leak by my rear view mirror.

Early last summer I had my windshield replaced using a new OEM gasket and went to probably the only guy in Spokane with tons of experience with 6x series Cruisers. He let me watch the process (mainly I wanted to see if there was any rust underneath and how much if any. There was some with a couple holes but not HORRIBLE), and he followed the FSM process to the letter, including sealing the crap out of both channels in the gasket. When the rains came in the fall I noticed my water drip from the mirror mount was still present. Knowing how well he sealed it, plus the fact that the dang point of entry is the highest point at the front of the truck, I'm completely stumped at how water could be getting in in such a way that it could drip from my mirror mount. There's quite a bit that collects in there somehow too, because when I turn a corner after or during a heavy rain it pours in a steady stream from my mirror for a couple seconds.

Has anyone tackled and been able to solve this issue with their rig? It's driving me insane.

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