warn m239 hubs

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Sep 13, 2012
fort smith, arkansas
after some digging, reading, texting, calling, and wrenching, i wanted to put some notes down that i think will be helpful to at least a few people in the future. the fllowing information is out there, but not consolidated and not as straight forward.

there is no rebuild kit for a warn m239.

i am in the middle of swapping knuckles, birfs, brakes to my 75 fj40 from a donor 1978 axle. it has thew dealer added warn hubs for the 1978 long birfs. SOR, and many others, advertise a warn hub rebuild kit for the applicable year. its garbage, and doesnt have a single useful thing in it other than the dial bolts. there are two rubber orings, a roll pin, and paper gaskets that are not included (the gaskets that do come will not work). i have spoken with warn on the phone for a while about this. they have not made these parts for quite some time now. the roll pin and orings could be generically sourced, however, the dial gasket and possible hub body gasket would have to be home made. there is a modern warn premium hub offered, as most people know, or the city racer long body hub conversion from asco (i believe).

if anyone has any info to add or correct, please jump in. but it seems, that there is no off the shelf option to restore these old hubs at this time. below are images of my hubs i cleaned up in preps as reinstalling, only to discover my rebuild kit wouldnt work.


no. this is what i initially ordered. i do not know why it is advertised for the m239, other than for maybe the dial allen head bolts. the gaskets are wrong, and the oring is for another hub. i called warn today, to inquire about the needed missing parts for the 239 and was told they were all discontinued.
Hm, interesting...I did the SOR kit for my '76 Warns, and it did the deed. Oddly enough, the part that DIDN'T fit was the cap screws. I did order it back in late 2020, though...perhaps it changed since?

P/N: 333-7309

I did get two different face gaskets...one with the knuckle rebuild, and one with the hub rebuild, and they were different. I don't recall which kit the one I used came from.

Rebuild Vid - 46:59

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