wanted Early 1962 fj40 parts

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Jan 21, 2012
Columbus Ohio
United States
looking for hard top that will fit tub with tall post, door window sliders, windshield wiper motors, some of the origional knobs and switches, gas tank. any help would be greatly apriciated!
Hey, you should post up pics of your '62 so we can see what you need, and how we, the guys in the 25 section, can help.

Are you looking to do a true restoration, and just a build?

Either way, the FJ25 section is your best bet for info and parts :beer:
I will try and figure out how to post pics ASAP. Im looking to do an entire restoration. It is rust free and unmolested. It has 65000 origional miles and everything on it is origional. Its a shame they robbed the parts off an otherwise perfect reso platform. I bought it from a guy who robbed the parts im looking for off of it. It has the early fj25 style doors with the window sliders instead of cranks. Im located at Bryce canyon Utah but would be willing to pay shipping or travel to get parts. Especially if you have a good top! KillerPea get me a price and if you could post some pics of the top that would be great! your about 19 hrs from me but I will be traveling through there in october I could pick it up then.
pardion is the tank a used steel or a remanufactured poly tank? shoot me a price and would you be willing to ship? I am in Bryce Canyon Utah. Thanks guys so much!!!
here's a pic of her she is not pretty but she is solid and a good platform to start with. This is the best pic I have wich was taken after an off road trip. Gotta play with it now before I restore it!
Still looking

was hopeing to get more replies, someone has to have some of these parts laying around? I was able to locate the door window sliders. Thanks Larry Brewster!!

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