Wanted Want to Buy LHD FJ45 Project

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United States
Hey Guys,

I am looking to buy an old rusted or not so rusted FJ45.
I am looking for a late'70s or early '80s model
I perfer the troopy but will consider the pickup version
Not looking for anything fancy. I want to fix it up myself.
if it runs it's a bonus. If body is all rusted I don't mind.
One thing I REALLY want is for it to be a left hand drive.

Let me know if you guys have anything you want to sell or know of anything like that.
Pity about the LHD part as I thought I had the vehicle for you until I got to that!

We have a pretty rusty HJ45 but of course it is RHD.
The FJ47 is referred to as the Troopy. The FJ45 is the pick up version.

I think you might want to do your homework a bit better.

Go search what the BJ/HJ/FJ stands for and then search what the 40/41/42/43/44/45/46/47 stands for

A 45 could be a pick up or a troopy just depending what year and version it was........and I had both of them in the past so I know I am right

Just my 2 cents


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