valve train noises after sitting

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May 27, 2009
after 3 months got it restarted and the engine made allot of noises loud metal to metal after start up and getting engine to warm up. The noise is coming from the front where timing chain is and just aft of the time chain. I suspect maybe the timing chain tensioner or oil gallery in the valve train for the cams is plugged. It has about 279K miles plus some more I suspect. I use 5-40 synthetic oil since i bought it. Any suggestions? :)

Is your engine still very loud like metal balls rattling around, like after the first 10-20 seconds of running, or are you hearing the ticking noise from the injectors, squeaks from belts, etc?? When the engine sits for ? weeks all the oil drains out from the oil galleys, the filter, sump, etc.
Are you using a factory oil filter? They have a valve to hold oil in the upper section. Most replacement filters don't all have this option. IIRC.
It dose sound like its in the timing chain area. Take a long stick and place it on the timing cover then listen to the end with your ear for the noise to locate its location.
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Whenever my truck sits for maybe a couple of weeks or longer I now first disconnect the high tension lead from the distributor and crank the engine a few times to get some oil back up into the system, hook the lead back up, then start it. IME the oil can still drain out of the filter and system, even with the "good" factory filter, just a matter of how long it sits. AFAIK all aftermarket spin-on type filters have anti-drainback flapper valves; just that some use a higher quality rubber (silicone) that lasts longer/seals better before it deforms or deteriorates under operating conditions. FWIW.
I let it sit for 24 hours and checked oil plus added 2 qts oil. restarted engine and the noises went away. it was coming from the top of the engine around the 2, 3 and 4 cylinders areas. I will take off the valve cover and check it from there. I hope nothing is coming apart.

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