valve adjustment? 92 3fe

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Aug 12, 2010
Montgomery, TX
Hey guys I am about to start tearing in some things that have needed to get done on my FJ80 (tune-up stuff). While going over things, I was thinking my 3fe sounds a lot like my 7.3 Powerstroke diesel right now. I've just uploaded a video to hear what you guys think. Valve adjustment? It idles fine, but it's SO loud...... I haven't driven it daily for about a year and a half and I honestly can't remember if it always sounded like this.

Thanks Mud!

Needs a valve adjustment.
8th post down explains the way I do it.
Couple tips that I didn’t mention below: break the adjustment nuts loose then re-tighten just a bit before starting your truck and doing the adjustments. Also make sure your AC is off and rpms are as low as possible.

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