Vacuum shift module. Help request

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Jan 4, 2019
Wilmington, North Carolina
See photo below. The shaft that moves FWD shift fork moves only w a lot of force. What’s the best way to free up that action?
If disassembly necessary, what are the steps for that?

@middlecalf thanks for the recommendation. @coolerman's linkage is enclosed, but on our '64 it's exposed.
See new photo markup below. I was able to free up the shaft movement.


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There is a O ring on the shaft. Would to look to see if the shaft for the vacuum diaphragm has one also.
Chuck it and add a floor shift lol.

Why? I wish the vacuum shift on the FJ62 was as reliable as the one on 40 series with the one piece transfer case. While this one is older the dash setup on the 68+ a is very clean setup. You want to run 2WD low just a matter of removing a pin on the high/low shifter.
Yes, rubber boots. Still available. Toyota 36426-60010 and 36318-60010. The cavity where the shift fork is will get gear oil from the transfer case, but putting some in there before putting back on TC is good. The gasket for the mount is also still available, don't have the number though. The nut on top is for access for oiling the pneumatic shaft, light oil of some kind. Have you checked the vacuum functionality of the unit? If not, put a 3/8 hose on each inlet and suck, one side should pull the shaft in, the other will push it out. If that doesn't work, you'll need to disassemble and assess the issue - maybe the diaphragm, maybe a leak (o-ring referenced above), maybe needs cleaning, or all of the above.
@middlecalf that second number 36318-60010 is for a front drive shifter boot. Looks like it would be up above the transmission hump inside the vehicle. Any other suggestion?

While you have it out you may as well order all available parts and rebuild it.It is an easy process.
A diaphragm,if needed, can be cut from a piece of fabric reinforced rubber of the correct thickness-available from Mcmaster-Carr.
Pretty good chance the existing diaphragm is fine.Dawn dish soap and/or any Gojo type citrus based hand cleaner works wonders on cleaning and restoring rubber.
It’s the lower boot “BOOT, TRANSFER FR DR”

The other one is the diaphragm (upper) boot.

Here they are on my rebuilt FD unit.

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