Unofficial Fall Crawl Farmington Sept 7-12?

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Nov 12, 2006
Farmington's Fall Crawl fell victim to COVID, no organized run in the Glade area this year.
From what I gather, some Cliffhangers guys already put in for time off around Wednesday - Thursday 9/9 -10 and will be wheeling the area anyway
I have the week off and really want to get back up there.
Labor Day is 9/7, not sure I really want to be out then as I'm sure COVID will still be an issue.
Interest? What days?
Tentatively I'm thinking Thursday and/or Friday but I'm somewhat flexible
I wanna beat this little climb that owns me everytime

The area I like is the Glade Road on the north end of town
Glade Rd
New Mexico
I lived there when I got my first 4WD - '99 Tacoma. I kind of cut my teeth in off-roading driving around there. But I didn't live there long enough to become an expert on the area. Still pretty warm in early Sept.
I’m a strong maybe...
I want to hit the area again but it will depend on how work is going
Well this has snuck up on me... looks like I'll head to the Glade area Friday and Saturday 9/11 & 12 and try to connect with the locals

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