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Jan 16, 2007
Austin, TX
Typical redneck style, which one wins, the 3FE or the 1FZ? The one with better tires? I'd be willing to bet that on equal surfaces, tires and the like, the 3FE pulls the 1FZ down the block. Something might snap in the process, steer clear.
Chat, though someone here might have pics. My bad.
This should be in chat, but there is no part of the hp/tq curve that the 3fe makes more power. The 1fz should win handidly.
I pulled a couple jeep cherokees one time around a parking lot, with a spun rod bearing... 4.0 HO my a$$
This I have to see.
Someone PLEASE do this....record and throw it up on utube.
amusing to think about, but silly-- there's no reason to believe that the 3fe could win if all else is more or less equal
now-- if both rigs have to spend 15 years in the 3rd world first.... then I would put my $$ on the 3FE.

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