Trip to Africa

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Dec 27, 2006
The Land of Frank Rizzo
I am currently on a whirlwind adventure to certain parts of the dark continent and needless to say the presence of Land Cruisers is evident. Driving in this part of the world I guess they take the "breakdown out in the middle of no-where scenario" pretty serious. I saw a bumper sticker that said "Toyota - the vehicle that is out in front"

I have seen every model of LC out there, although - I think due to security reasons - the 40 was not represented as much as the other models. Let me put to you this way, you could be watching traffic and drinking a beer from your hotel room and about every 3-5 minutes some form of land cruiser was coming by, especially the 100 series. Numerous diesels to be found, due to my limited ground time I was unable to find the local junk yard and procure hard to find parts for the peeps back at home.

I failed to take pictures on this trip, but I know I will be back to this part of the world not to far in the distant future.

My goal: No malaria or lower GI issues - if you know what I mean....
Back in 2001 I was in South Africa for recruiting staff when I worked at camp. I dug out my Land Cruiser pictures....and pick-up pictures.

There were lots of newer toyotas but hard to find FJ40's & FJ45's





Those are some nice pictures, I wish I had the camera for LCs that I saw.

My trip took me from the west coast to the east coast of Africa. I landed in Bakino Faso, then over to Rwanda, it was not safe for us to spend the night there so we flew over to Kenya and spent the night there, went back to Rwanda to pickup our folks, I found the Duty Free store at the airport and scored a couple of bottles of Stoli for $6 each. Went back to Kenya, spent the night there again - and that's where I spotted the Land Cruisers. After that night, went over to Yemen for a get together, and from there into Egypt. I did go to the pyramids, they were cool. The last stop was Morocco. Six countries in 7 days - along with some jet lag and I will need to get my drink and snack on later today.
There were many LCs just like that one, it was the land of the safari rigs. Built to last - Period - dot

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