TRD S/C Install wire harness questions

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Dec 17, 2004
Boise, Idaho
How many of you guys were able to split open the engine wiring harness and free up enough wire to plug into the throttle body? I have freed up about as much slack as there is and am still a few inches short. I know that at least one mud member extended his harness - how about some of the rest?
I pulled mine apart really far back and was able to do it, though I still had to extend two of the wires:

Supercharger Wire Harness Extension

You'll need to extend it no matter what. I was unable to find plugs to make a plug in extension.
You'll need to extend it no matter what. I was unable to find plugs to make a plug in extension.

I just used butt connectors but in hindsight if I were to do this again today I would just used Metri-Pack connectors that I already use for my kits and just order up a housing pair with the number of pins I needed. I can make disconnects in minutes now so its not a second thought for me.
Going the butt connector route today. May look for the metripack connectors. Maybe you'll make up a kit of the connectors needed for this extension.
Can anyone tell me how many wires it is? I really dont remember and I'm not in front of my truck to tell. 4/5?
Would be interested in a quick plug and play extension as well; not only interested, would purchase in a heart beat to make life easy.
I think I found one of the mating connectors in the Toyota Wire Harness Repair Manual but the other was only listed as female. Perhaps there's another one that will work with some modification. Alot of the plugs are very similar just with little tabs to make sure they only can connect to specific things.
I just ordered up a batch of connectors and will be assembling them when they all arrive. They won't be Toyota connectors but they will be really good ones.
Buy 1 harness extension and get a super charger free right? I swear that was the promotion you were talking about :p

Wait you sneaky bastid, you'll probably just charge $4k for the extension. :mad:
Nice. I'm sure they're all made at the same factory anyway.
I would buy one of these plug n play kits too.

Mine is piano string tight right across the VC and seeking a resolution, other than splicing in wire.

I'm def in to buy!!
I'm working on the plug-n-play version separately. For now though I'm working on a splice and extend version.

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