TRD Pro Sema 17x7's with or without spacers?

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Feb 13, 2020
Chandler, AZ
How many of you guys running the official TRD Sema 17x7's use spacers? I'd love to see some pics of the wheel tuck with and without. I'd rather run 17x8's but those wheels look so good and are so cheap. I know they have 17x8 knockoffs on ebay but they only sell sets of 4 and no one I've asked will sell me a fifth. Just wondering if the TRD 17x7's will sit our far enough without any spacers.

A lot of you guys have been helping me out on other posts with spare carrier options, tire clearance issues etc. I appreciate all the insight. I think I'm going to go 265/70/17 KO2's on the rims above and hope I can jam it up into the stock position (factory hitch). If not, then I'll order a detours of Maine swing out or a JW mount. Guess I'll have to wait until the season is over to mount them if it won't fit under since lead time on both mount options is a month or more.
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best shot I have of where they sit in the fender. These are 285/70s with no spacer. The fitment of these were the tipping point for me to pull the trigger on them. No spacers or BMC needed with 285s.

Are those 17" or 18" wheels?
Makes a big difference using the same size tire dimensions for different size wheels.

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