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Nov 10, 2020
Hey everyone new to the forum and recently bought a 80 series, I'm not to mechanically minded but I'm willing to learn and maintain my vehicle so it last a long time..

So I got a oil leak coming out the seals of my transfer case on my 1995 gxl 80. I have been quoted -$1300+ for it to be repaired and the mechanics to put a new seal kit in.
Its a lot of money and there's a transfer case on gumtree for a fraction of that price that is said to be in good working order
The transfer case is a full time 4wd HF2A I'm aware there is also another case, the HF2AV(vicious coupling apparently ) (i don't know what this is, nor is it available to me)

Can I get away with using the HF2A transfer case in my 1995 80 series full time 4wd gxl ?? It has a manual gear box and the factory centre diff lock



Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
welcome to Mud and we need to see pics of your beauty. ;) . I realize that taking apart a Tcase sounds daunting but if you follow the pdf FSM (factory shop manual), it's actually pretty straightforward. If you can drop a Tcase, you should be able to take it apart to replace parts.. However, please take pics of the actual leaks so that we can advise you more accurately. For example, if the leak is occurring in the rear portion where the rear DS (driveshaft) comes out, this can be remedied w/o dropping the Tcase. If the leak is happening at the area where the halves meet, then that's a big job by dropping the Tcase and opening it up.
Jan 28, 2004
Claremont, CA
Unless you are going part time in the transfercase I would stay with a VC unit. if you went non-VC, you could always find a rear driveshaft from a 91-92 and run it. The VC has teh advantage when the center diff is unlocked of helping provide traction in cases where a single wheel wants to spin (think one wheel on ice, 3 on pavement).

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