Trailer Winch

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Feb 25, 2002
Does anyone use a atv winch on thier trailer like a 2500lbs just to load none running rigs? Currently I use a cheap portable 2000lbs unit that can hook on a trailer ball to load rigs but would like to have power out for unloading :hmm:

I put a 2" receiver tube on my trailer and end up using an 8000 pound winch. I think depending on the ramps your trailer uses and how well your non-running vehicle rolls, a smaller winch may work - but mine gets a work out when I get a vehicle that has a flat tire or stuck brake...

harbour freght now makes that winch in and out .but for 69.00 you can get the 3000lb wireless remote winch there good luck
Thanks guys

BK- I know what your saying my pos winch groans with a rolling one :doh: but does the job everytime just want to be able to power out to unload :D

shelfboy1- I might check them out since that's more in my budget :eek:

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