trail cutting at RC?

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Feb 26, 2007
Lancaster, PA
Is it my imagination or were we talking about cutting a Trail at RC? or even doing some trail clean up. I just thought I would bring it up again.
No imagination... I spoke to Mike about it mid-winter but I could not come up with a free day to go out and scout a trail to cut. I am sure we could contribute to something already in process, like the snake bite extension...

I wanted to look at a a switchback trail from the pole line, up the side of the ridge to connect to S or the new 21... would have to be a high blue or black from the looks of it...

I may be able to go out on Friday, the 18th, and see about it....then stay overnight for trailride Sat.
sounds good jeff. but my junk isnt up to doing blacks yet. maybe there are spots that can be bypassed:princess:
Ah, you miss-understand me. I meant after we cut it.

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