Toe in?

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Aug 21, 2006
North Okanagan,BC
I have a 1995 80 series and recently swapped on some 17X9 inch rims with 34X11 inch tires. The truck tends to wander at highway speeds.Does anyone know the approximate toe in adjustment for such a set up short of putting it on a machine and doing a full alignment?It was suggested two inches to me.
2 Inches of tow?? Your tires will be screeching
Maybe 2 Degrees at most......I set my 40 at 1 degree
Toe needs to be set each time you change road tire diameter IMO. I'm usually between 1/8" to 1/4".
Some folks go higher to compensate for lack of caster correction, but this will hurt fuel economy and tire life. Not to mention it's not really the correct thing to do.

2" toe in is insane.
Check out for good info on alignments.
I have done the tape measure toe in frequently when I just need to do something for a quick fix, but not long term. I have recently done my 96 FZJ80 and tried to get it within 1/16" from front to rear. I don't care about the tires on it and I have driven 12,000 miles and I obviously have too much, as it has worn off the outside edges of my already crappy street tires. (I'm just working up to a good reason to get 35's)

Actual alignment shops refer to toe-in of 1/8" not being 1/8" from front to rear of the tire, but a toe-in of 1/8" per MILE of travel. That amount is almost immeasurable with a tape measure.

I repeat this because I searched this out 30 years ago when I was building my first 4x4 and had tires larger than any local tire shop could set up for alignment. I finally found an old-school (even for then) alignment shop that had skid bars on the floor that measure the toe-in by driving the truck across them and it would measure the "push" of the bars away from center, thus, measuring toe-in. As I worked with the technician, I read the charts and saw that it was all about 1/8" PER MILE, not from the front of tire to rear of tire.

Hope this helps.
... I read the charts and saw that it was all about 1/8" PER MILE, not from the front of tire to rear of tire.

There have been lots of differing ways of specing/measuring toe, slipper bars among the least accurate. Most don't apply to the '80 series.

Hope this helps.

From the '96 FSM, hope this helps.


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