Thinkin' about some new tires...

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Apr 13, 2009
Okay, so I'm headed off to UNC-Asheville in a few months, and I'm thinking about getting different tires with a more aggressive tread. I'm getting it serviced as I type this, and I can't recall what kind of tires I have off the top of my head, so here's what I do know; I run 2.5" of lift and I use 33" tires. I'd like to keep the 33" height, but I don't want as much road noise and I'm not sure the current tread would hold up as well in the mountains as down here in the sandhills, so I was wondering what kind of tread ya'll would suggest. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks!

I've been very happy with my BFG AT's. Very quiet on the highway and decent traction on the trails, plus
they wear and last longer than the Goodyear Wranglers I had.
Hard to give you good information given your post. You want "more aggressive tread" but you don't want "as much road noise."

Since aggressive tread = road noise, you've got to let one of your requirements slip. I agree with the previous post - the best middle ground is a BFG AT. Any MT will be noisy, although I'm sure there are varying degrees.
Yeah, I know more aggressive tread = more road noise, but I was just hoping for a little less than the noise I get now. But I'm seriously considering BFG KM2's, and I'm about to go look at pricing for them, since I'm getting the tires rotated and the front end realigned in an hour. Thanks for the suggestions though! I'll also look at the BFG A/T's.
hey. i would suggest BFG at's or something comprable/cheaper, i don't know your budget, depending on how hard you wheel. i'm betting you're not going to do much driving that is not on interstate or paved/gravel roads. your biggest obstacle will be a few snows that don't amount to much. i live in the area and went to mars hill college just north of UNCA. you need to drive into and explore madison county, i.e. mars hill, marshall, hot springs and the laurel area. the aheville area will treat you well.
i run TSL radials on my DD and its not so bad with the windows up.
Hey, thanks. And my dad (cruiserunc), and I are looking at two different tires right now, both sets are on eBay, so whichever is a better deal, we'll go for them.

295/75/16 BFG All Terrain T/A KO
Currently at about $232 on eBay with one day left.
$120 shipping.

285/75/16 Nitto Terra Grappler A/T
These are on a buy it now basis, so it'd be $684 for tires, shipping, and NC sales tax.
I am sure I am going to get alot of S%^t for this but I had BFG AT on my 76 fj40 land cruiser and on my 89 toyota pickup and they were great... however I recently purchased the same size bridgestone dueler revos for my toyota and there is no comparison in performance, regarding snow, rain, and overall comfort and traction on the road and off. I work for a tire company and I got the revos at greater then 50% off and they have been a great tire. the revos are a softer compound so they may not last as long as the BFG AT but the revos are a new technology and perform great, w/in the past two years where the BFG ATs have been around for over 30 years. just my .02 and experience with the revos and the BFG ATs.
I too have had a set of Revos and I agree, they are a great tire, especially for the price. Very, Very good on ice/snow.
I am partial to Cooper Discoverers - on my second set - first gave me 70K of wear on my DD and good traction Rain, snow & some mud.
Bridgestone Dueler A/T... Had BFG KO's before, like these better.

Great tread design, better technology than KO's, and same or less road noise (depending on age/wear)

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