The devil showed up to my house w/ an assault rifle Last nigh! looking for a Jeep

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Feb 22, 2002
thought of sharing this with you guys!

last night some one came to our door about 11:20pm

I heard the door bell and got up to see who the hell was knocking at that our!

as I stumbled down the stairs half asleep in the dark with no intentions of turning any lights on, I mistakenly pushed the light switch w/out really wanting. By gawd I almost fell on the last two steps.

By then the guy outside saw me and I had to open the damn door.

I asked him "how can I help you?"

He said he was a Detective, which he identified himself like in the movies, pull out a card and flashed in front of me (I'm half asleep and no glasses on), so who knows who the guy is.

I am looking for a Jeep Rubicon fully built w/ a removable hard top, detective# 1 said.

I told him I got nothing sir!

then 2 more guys get out of truck holding big assault rifle asking the Detective# 1 if he had identified himself.

Detective# 1 said "Yes I did!"

Detective #2 told me not to be affraid "we re looking for a Jeep w/ removable top.

we were told that there is one here.

I said no jeep here sir!

We got a Land Cruiser and a Dodge.

Detective# 3 approach closer to the door asking me if I could open my garage door(keep in mind he's holding a rifle)?

I said sure! ( at this time I am following instruction and not much questioning on my part due to such a persuasive and humble request made by detective# 3(again thought came "he has a rifle on hand").

I proceed to open up my garage door, once I opened it the surprise in their eyes was disappoinment.

All they saw was My Paloma and my wife's Cruiser!

That's right folks, old Paloma saved the day!... and Kowboy makes fun of my Paloma.

After that, they asked me If I have seen such a jeep, which I said again "no"

They also asked me where I worked and told them at a bridge, which they thought that I worked for the Mexican side and not the US side.

...after that, they left!

I went back upstairs and had to go under a 2nd interrogation again.

This interrogation was conducted by my wife, which I told her the details and went back to sleep.

At this point I don't think those so called detective were what they said they were!

what you all think?

you might asked what went through my mind at that time?

not much since I was half asleep!

Early this morning when I was awake, I realized that the lord is watching over us!

hopefully them Detectives find their jeep and don't come back

We want to think that somebody told them that we had such a jeep and that they were referring to my 80.

We know that there are no similarities in them but oh well!

Truth is that my 80 is in the shop getting a Head Gasket job!

hopefully nothing happens!

Who wants to come to the Border or Mexico?

In Mexico is the Tourism year!
Sounds awful shifty to me for a number of reasons:

1. never heard of doing an investigation at midnight, unless it was a HOT tip, which it couldn't be with your junk in the shop
2. most cops, detectives, etc. would have all been pre positioned for any response when the door was opened, not gotten out AFTER Det 1 was at the door alleviating the odd question to a "trained dude" did you id yourself?
3. if they were really looking and they were alphabet soup (CIA, DEA, etc.) they could have just looked you up in one of a number of data bases and or done surveillance.
4. what type of rifles we talking cause anything but a .40 smith and wesson or 9mm holstered sounds odd for a neighborhood door knocking.

I'd talk to local police and see what's up.....that could have been a scam to case your house out
Sorry, did I forget to say that this happened in Mexico?:hillbilly:

Where 2 different drug cartels and the Mexican Marines are at war!

This is right accross from Brownsville,Tx.

I happen to work for an International Bridge in Brownsville,Tx which connects with Matamoros, Mexico.

I work in Brownsville and live in Matamoros,Mexico, basically I live right accross the Rio Grand

Right now down here is very difficult to know who's who?

....that been the Drug cartels or even the Marines.

I'd talk to local police and see what's up.....that could have been a scam to case your house out

that was our thought too!

The local police is more likely not to care since they're the snitchers for the Drug Cartels.

Cheap bastards!

What type of riffle? ....the one that the marines use, they were no 9mm or hand gun.

life goes on and we move with it!
You need to move!
At least they are kind enough to give you a reach around. They just take your goods in Jackson without even as much as a thank you note.
this is why I don't have a garage!
oh jeeze I Missed that these guys had M14's or M4s probably?

and seeing as it was in mexico, I totaly missed that sorry, I would buy said hand guns and also move north.......we would love to have you!!

Seeing as my suggestion to go to the local police doesn't work with a corrupt gov't I would talk to neighbors, if they are reliable, and start a neighbor hood watch/compare what weapons and experience yall have for defense
Somebody is going to have to hire him if he moves here! Chris?? Working on getting E up here right now. Hope it works out.
Somebody is going to have to hire him if he moves here! Chris?? Working on getting E up here right now. Hope it works out.

i need some sheetrock and some painting done...

i need some sheetrock and some painting done...


Me thinks
Thanks for all the kind words guys and for the jokes too!

We have been looking for jobs but so far nothing here in Texas!

as you al' know the job market is not necessarly blooming right know.

I am not even considering moving to Brownsville as buying a house, may be renting.

Brownsville is no difference since whatever drugs that come from Mexico are received by somebody in the US(Brownsville).

Them bad Boys have set up shop already in Brownsville.

They're a 'lil more discrete in their operations due to Police, ICE and Border Patrol.

Keep in mind I work for an International Bridge where we have cars, railroad and Pedestrians on a daily basis. We also manage the Mexican side of the bridge with buildings, where our tenants are Mexican Customs, Inmmigration, and Marines.

Lately not many things surprise me! I get to see a lot of things, well let's just say they're not right!

It's all part of the job and I am from here, the Border.

The Border towns on both sides of the river always have been known for Violence.

I am sure some of you have seen Border Wars, well I get to see that everyday live!:hillbilly:

now a days is becoming a lil' more difficult to go out.

Local Business on both sides of the border are stuggling to stay above the waters.

Everybody thinks that this violence w/ the drug cartels will be under control again after the current president of Mexico changes. Presidente Calderon still has one more year and he declared the war to the drug Cartels. The Mex. marines have cought a lot of the bad guy, but it's like fighting a monster w/ a 100 heads. they catch one and another one moves up to cover the vacancy.

2012 is election year here in Mexico, will see!

How about Obama? how about them jobs?
Somebody is going to have to hire him if he moves here! Chris?? Working on getting E up here right now. Hope it works out.

I don't own a bridge. Jrob?
i need some sheetrock and some painting done...


Like told Butch, I am over qualify to do the Job, but if the pay is good I'll do it.

My title at work is Dir. of Operations

...w/ eveything I said previously, do you think I can do the job?

that's my problem as far as the job.

for the Jobs here sometimes I am over qualify for the Job and employers would not hire me.

We have to move to a bigger city to find them jobs!

If you find some Mexicans Lenny I can certainly manage them and the job!:hillbilly:
I don't own a bridge. Jrob?

We can build one across the Mississipi put some toll booths!

oh and the best of it no US Customs! yeah!

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