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Jun 12, 2011
Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who helped make the trip happen. It was nice to finally be able to run this trail. We decided to cut out Sat afternoon since we have to be back on shift tomorrow morning. We were able to make our way East to Snowball AR then cut North on US 65 to Harrison. If you have never driven that stretch of road it is probably the most beautiful highway I have ever been on. We made it back shortly after midnight. Currently drying out gear and getting things ready for the start of the work week. Hope everyone made it back safe, if I find any particularly good pictures of anybody I will post them up. Have a great week !

It was great to wheel with you again and meet your buddies. You missed a great sunset on that bluff but absolutely right about that route home. It is the same route we ran this morning to get home. Beautiful country. Paved roads a lot more fun on my sport touring motorcycle. Definitely some awesome scenery shared with you that I never would have seen on current 2 wheelers.
Thanks for joining us!

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