Teraflex Shackles - Any one using these? (1 Viewer)

Jan 30, 2010
SK Canada
i had a set. hated them. when they were closed they were too short and limited my springs flex. i’m not sure i ever actually got them to open either. that’s my experience anyway. others i’ve heard have different views. some say they can keep you from tipping over by allowing better droop of the axle. not sure i buy it but like i said i don’t think i ever drooped them enough to get them to open
Nov 7, 2018
Reno, NV
When I first saw those revolver shackles years ago I thought they were a great idea for a wheeling rig to get more droop and I planned on putting them on my FJ. As luck would have it, I was poor and couldn't afford them for a while. Before I could I heard a lot of stories from others about them being very unpredictable while rock crawling. They would unload at bad times and just generally be unstable in tricky situations. They do have advantages in droop, but most who used them wheeling didn't think it was worth it. I decided to stick with a predictable shackle.
Nov 28, 2019
Houston, TX
Awesome from ih8mud community.

@lil’john those look sick. Not sure about longevity and I’d prefer not to weld on my 40.


Aug 21, 2016
Gimmick and "dangerous". I've read many 2nd/3rd hand reports of them doing weird unloading while wheeling.

If you want something a little more predictable and smoother than shackles, look into Liquid Iron Industry leaf spring sliders:

Onroad is a smooth silky ride going faster than you are willing... I won't claim having seen much more than the speed limit using them in my FJ55. With a sway bar in the rear, it handles backroads like no tomorrow. Without the swap bar, poop your pants if you hit a pothole doing more than 55mph ;)

Flex is pretty damn amazing:
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Flex stopped because of front fender and drag link bind. The above is also with a sway bar in the rear. (60" wide Dana 60 axles + 54" Tahoe springs)

I'm doing the same in the rear of my 3rd pig... and when time allows, my FJ40 will get same treatment.

Here is a "slow" ride of the above after not driving it for a year on a damp road(plenty of speed left):

would you recommend a sway in the front of my 40 vs the rear if I went with these? That’s what I’ve been lead to believe about sway bars on short 40s.

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